Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WEG Customises Control Panel For Plasson's Factory

WEG has developed a control panel that monitors the ventilation circuits, temperature, humidity, lighting and feeder lines at Plasson's factory. Plasson manufactures equipment and sells services for aviculture. The system ensures better use of feed ration, optimises environmental requirements and delivers higher quality and productivity. WEG has an exclusive team for sales, engineering and assembly of control panels for the OEM machine-building segment, partnering with customers to provide complete solutions that improve quality and reliability and increase speed and throughput.

In these partnerships, WEG's team works closely with customers' engineering and development teams to analyse applications and suggest and specify improvements that make individual projects feasible, in both technical and commercial terms. After this first phase, a prototype is assembled and tested by the customer. When everything has been finally approved, WEG begins series supply. Plasson asked WEG to standardise the environment control panels and feeders that it manufactures and supplies. The objective was to improve the reliability of the systems, provide the ideal environmental requirements and increase productivity in breeding chickens and turkeys.

'The major benefits we are enjoying as a result of our partnership with WEG are the reliability of the products and the standardisation that we have been able to achieve by using them,' said Gilberto Franke Hobold, general director at Plasson. 'In addition, because WEG was able to provide a weekly delivery schedule for the control panels, this improved our logistics and helped us with stock reduction. 'WEG's flexibility was a great advantage in this partnership. 'At any stage of the project where we wanted something different, WEG was always listening to our requirements and careful to develop what we actually needed,' Hobold added.

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