Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ondrives Adds Precision Bevel Gears To Portfolio
Ondrives has added straight-cut precision bevel gears to its precision gear range. Ondrives' straight-cut bevel gears are made to Quality Grade 7f24 DIN 3985, with other Quality Grades available on request. Standard materials are 817M40T steel and 303 stainless steel, with 805M20 case-hardened steel also available. Ratios are 1:1 as standard, with 2:1 available.

Tapped holes, pin holes and keyways can be added as standard modifications for a nominal charge. Complete specials to suit customer drawings are also available. The technical department welcomes the chance to quote for these as one-off prototypes or volume orders. Scheduled deliveries can also be easily accommodated where required.

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