Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ecosure Sensor Detects Leaking Carbon-Monoxide Gas

City Technology's Ecosure electrochemical sensor detects the silent escape of invisible carbon-monoxide gas from faulty or badly adjusted heating devices. Ecosure is the sensor of choice for the majority of carbon-monoxide detector manufacturers because of its performance, stability, reliability and extended operational life. It is also used in multi-sensor fire detectors to improve their detection reliability and reduce their false alarm rates.

Ecosure is a two-wire electrochemical sensor with inbuilt filtering that protects it from poisons, interfering gases and dust, minimising the possibility of false alarms. Its stability means that instrument manufacturers do not have to provide complex compensation circuitry. The sensors are manufactured in an automated manufacturing facility and comprehensively tested at each intermediate stage during the production process. As a result, the standard deviation in the output of individual sensors is extremely small, again enabling instrument manufacturers to simplify their instrument designs, thereby reducing time to market and improving manufacturability.

In addition to its stability and false-alarm immunity, the sensor quickly responds to the presence of carbon monoxide, reaching T90 in less than 20 seconds. It is mechanically robust, can be installed in any orientation without affecting performance and operates from -10C to +50C with continuous relative humidity ranging from 15 to 90 per cent. More than 10 million households rely on Ecosure.

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