Monday, April 12, 2010

Deburring Centre Runs Parts De-Rusting Service

Deburring Centre is offering to de-rust parts as a sub-contracting service. Thermal deburring is Deburring Centre's main operation and works by oxidising burrs. The by-product, in the case of steel parts, is an iron-oxide powder - rust - which lightly dusts the parts. If this is left on the parts (for some steels as little as two hours) then, in any moist atmosphere, it can start to etch into the surface and cause major quality issues.

To combat this, Deburring Centre has a 'pickling' plant that is used after thermally deburring steels. The pickling consists of sending the parts through a phosphoric-acid bath to remove the oxide/rust; they then pass through two water washes; and finally a light dewatering oil that gives an indoor shelf life of four months. Phosphoric acid is an industry standard in the de-rusting of parts.

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