Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Servo2go Adds Tachometer Generator To Range
Servo2go has added a high-performance DC Tachometer Generator to its range of analogue feedback devices and sensors.

Manufactured by Servo-Tek, the CS-7514F-51C tachometer features: low-ripple tach generator 1.5 per cent peak to peak (with 72HKz filter); Gettys motor compatibility 3V/1,000RPM standard - other voltages available; 0.250 diameter stainless-steel shaft; two shaft extensions 0.650in (CS-7561F-51C) and 0.875in (CS-7514F-51C); standard servo and face mount with 0.5in pilot; one-piece anodised housing; lead wires and rear cover included; high-quality ball bearings; varnish-impregnated armature for high-speed reversing applications; linearity 0.1 per cent; and silver commutator.

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