Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Platinum Temperature Sensors Offer High Accuracy

A range of temperature sensors from Platinum Sensors offer high levels of measurement accuracy and stability at low cost, according to the company. They are suitable for all temperature-measurement and temperature-compensation applications, due to their near-linear output and operating temperature range of -70 to 500C.

Designated the MN range, the sensors are Platinum thin-film devices to the Pt 100, Pt 500 or Pt 1000 standards and are available to three tolerance classes: DIN A (approximately +/-0.06 per cent at 0C), DIN B (+/-0.12 per cent) and DIN 2xB (+/- 0.24 per cent). The sensors are fully RoHS compliant, measure 2.3 x 2.1mm and are supplied with 10mm-long nickel connection wires.

Their small size and robust construction makes them suitable for use in temperature-sensor assemblies in all industrial applications.

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