Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keithley To Broadcast Phase Change Memory Webinar

Keithley Instruments is to broadcast a free web-based seminar entitled 'Phase Change Memory: Fundamentals and Measurement Techniques' on 25 February 2010. This one-hour seminar will teach techniques for measuring and characterising Phase Change Memory devices. Phase Change Memory is a type of non-volatile computer memory also known as PRAM, PCM or PCRAM.

It uses the behaviour of chalcogenide glass, which can be switched between two states - crystalline and amorphous - with the application of heat. Recent versions can achieve two additional distinct states, effectively doubling its storage capacity. The webinar will provide basic information on the physics and operation of PRAM memory elements. Common characterisation and measurement techniques will be described and compared, including the R-Load method and a technique using Keithley's ultra-fast I-V unit.

The webinar is primarily recommended for test engineers and test engineering managers who are new to making PRAM measurements, although it will also be useful for more experienced users. The live broadcast is accompanied by an interactive question-and-answer session, which will give attendees the opportunity to ask the presenter for an additional insight on this topic. The event is free to the public, but participants must register in advance via the company's website.

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