Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adept Offers Jai's 040 Progressive Scan Cameras

Two new Mini Camera Link (MCL) 0.4-megapixel progressive scan cameras from Jai are now available from Adept Electronic Solutions. The CM-040MCL (monochrome) and CB-040MCL (Bayer colour) cameras are targeted at clients requiring small, high-quality devices with advanced functionality at a cost-effective price. Jai has designed these MCL models for applications that require higher-bandwidth, real-time signalling and a lower latency than is possible using GigE interfaces.

At 776 x 582 pixels, the 040 models provide slightly greater resolution than basic VGA versions while maintaining a high frame rate of 60fps. The cameras utilise the Sony ICX415 charge-coupled device and, while at full resolution output is at 61fps, higher frame rates can be achieved by using the partial-scan or vertical-binning modes.

The CM-040MCL and the CB-040MCL feature auto-iris lens video output to support the dynamic lighting conditions usually found in outdoor applications such as intelligent traffic systems and surveillance. Both models are available with an optional factory-installed right-angle adapter, which enables the camera to 'look' at a 90 angle. Both are designed for a range of inspection tasks where physical access is limited.

The cameras provide practical, versatile solutions in a range of deployments, including in the automotive industry, such as for inspection, high-precision gauging and process monitoring; pharmaceuticals, such as for the inspection of blister packages and for fill level control; in the beverage industry, such as for the control of the fill levels of defective bottles; in the food industry, such as for sorting; and for electronics inspection.

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