Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vehicle Power System Uses Mattei Vane Technology

Mattei is demonstrating the durability and energy efficiency of vane technology through a partnership with Winton Engineering. Winton's onboard-power system utilises the power of a vehicle's engine to drive auxiliary tools and equipment. These modular systems utilise the Mattei vane compressor and can be supplied with a 6kW 110/240V generator. The complete module is powered through the Winton Drive Line Power Take Off (DLPTO).

Winton systems are installed under the vehicle and deliver compressed air up to 160cfm. These systems are installed on a range of vehicles and are predominantly used by civil-engineering and utilities companies to power equipment such as road drills, breakers and site lighting. Andy Gear, Winton Engineering, said: 'We chose Mattei compressors as we believe vane-compressor technology is more efficient than traditional screw- or piston-driven compressors; it reduces the demand on the vehicle's engine and generates less noise and heat.

'The result is a powerful, energy- and fuel-efficient system that makes a significant contribution to whole-life operating costs. 'It's also virtually silent in operation, so is suitable for continuous running. The air end in Mattei's rotary-vane compressor comprises a rotor with longitudinal slots that house individual sliding vanes. The rotor is offset within a stator (a cylinder), in which it rotates.

While the rotor turns on its axis, the vanes are pushed against the stator wall by centrifugal force, and the air is compressed. Andy Jones from Mattei said: 'Our technology is the optimum solution for tough conditions. 'The vane compressor's rotor shaft is supported by simple white metal bearings, which ensure a long and inexpensive operating life. He added: 'An air end can easily run for 100,000 hours without wear - in fact, some Mattei machines have lasted over 230,000 hours in the most arduous operating conditions.

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