Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tyco Webinar To Focus On Pluggable I/O Solutions

Tyco Electronics is to present a webinar entitled 'Pluggable I/O Solutions: Enabling Leaps in Bandwidth' on 28 January 2010. Topics for discussion will include: pluggable I/O solutions, interface options and challenges for next-generation designs. Interested parties should register for the webinar at

Tyco Electronics has introduced new options, including integrated light pipes for port indicators, connectors with improved signal integrity, enhanced EMI springs for increased EMI suppression, and riding heat sink technology for thermal management. The pluggable I/O interface is said to offer significant advantages as a high-speed interconnect in networking, storage and telecom applications.

It includes standard equipment I/O interface, and with the flexibility of pluggable modules and cabling, comes with options for fibre and copper links. It supports various data rates and protocols, such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Infiniband standards. As a result, integrators can design a cabling structure based on the application needs.

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