Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parker Actuators Target Demanding Applications

Parker Hannifin has enhanced and extended its range of high-speed, high-power linear actuators. The ET Electro Thrust Actuators have been developed for demanding movement, positioning and clamping applications in the packaging, process and materials-handling sectors. They incorporate a precision-class C7 ballscrew, driven either directly by an inline motor or indirectly via a toothed belt from a motor mounted to the body of the actuator.

The ballscrew can be supplied with a pitch of 5 to 50mm/revolution and effectively acts as a high-performance feed unit, to move a piston and rod assembly at speeds of up to 1.3m/sec over stroke lengths of between 0.05 and 2.4m. The system is capable of providing a maximum force of 44,500N, yet offers repeatability of within plus or minus 0.01mm, with backlash of just 0.02mm when used with an inline drive. The ballscrew-nut assembly incorporates a recirculating ball system, which reduces frictional losses to a minimum and ensures extremely smooth operation.

This assembly is located within an anti-rotating mechanism, with three tough, hard wearing Nylatron wheels that prevent the ballscrew rotating and absorb minor torsional movements. The front ballscrew support mechanism has a specially designed sliding polymer bearing that eliminates vibration and produces almost frictionless run out. An extended rod bearing is used to minimise the impact of side loads when the piston rod is nearing full extension.

Combined, these features create an actuation system, available in seven standard sizes from M05 to M50, that can be used in a range of applications. In addition, IP65 versions of the ET actuator are available for use in wash-down areas, with versions also being available with positive pressure ports, oil-splash lubrication and hard-chrome-plated thrust rods. The ET actuator can be supplied for use with customers' choice of motors, with Parker offering a design and engineering facility for the production of custom-built packages.

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