Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Scale Unveils Squiggle RV Linear Drive System

New Scale Technologies has introduced the Squiggle RV reduced-voltage linear drive system, which consists of an SQL-RV-1.8-6-12 Squiggle motor and an NSD-2101 drive ASIC. It is a miniature piezo motor drive solution with a driver chip that is smaller than the motor and driven directly from battery power as low as 2.3VDC, without the need for a voltage boost. The Squiggle RV motor is New Scale's next-generation piezo micro motor, using multi-layer piezo technology from TDK-EPC to reduce the input-voltage requirements of the motor.

The NSD-2101 driver was developed for this new motor in partnership with Austriamicrosystems using advanced integrated-circuit (IC) designs and patented control systems. This smart IC measures 1.8 x 1.8mm and drives the Squiggle RV motor directly, without the need for an external boost circuit. The Squiggle RV linear drive system is more than five times smaller and uses 40 per cent less power than comparable electromagnetic linear drive systems, according to New Scale.

The NSD-2101 accepts direct 2.3-5.5VDC battery power and uses patented full-bridge switching technology to create the ultrasonic motor drive frequency. The IC also includes built-in patent-pending smart drive features that optimise motor performance while minimising power consumption over a range of operating and environmental conditions. The NSD-2101 requires only DC battery power and digital I2C control commands to achieve good miniature motion control performance.

The SQL-RV-1.8 motor achieves forces in excess of 50g and a high resolution to 0.5 micrometers. It can run at speeds greater than 7mm/s with a power consumption of less than 350mW when moving under typical loading conditions. This corresponds to a DC current of 120mA for a typical 3VDC battery. Its self-locking design means that zero power is needed to hold the motor position, providing additional power savings. New Scale's Tracker NSE-5310 linear encoder can be integrated with the Squiggle RV system for high system repeatability with submicron resolution.

The reduced-voltage Squiggle RV micro motor is suitable for situations where high precision, miniature size and low power consumption are a must. These include medical, security, optical and imaging systems; consumer electronics; precision biomedical actuators; and miniature actuation for aerospace and industrial applications. Its small size makes it suitable for creating tiny, high-resolution integrated closed-loop motion systems.

New Scale's DK-RV-1.8 series of developer kits includes all hardware as well as the company's Pathway development software with scripting capabilities in a plug-and-play reference design for prototype development and integration. Open-loop developer kits contain an SQL-RV-1.8 micro motor and an NSD-2101 driver; closed-loop kits also include a New Scale Tracker NSE-5310 linear encoder. A 3D computer-aided-design file of the SQL-RV-1.8 motor and additional reference information is available from the company's website.

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