Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mettler Toledo Launches Freeweigh.Net Software

Mettler Toledo has launched Freeweigh.Net - a software solution for statistical quality control and statistical process control. Freeweigh.Net enables users to prove compliance with Average Weight and other industry legislation while benefitting from the financial benefits of reduced give-away and an efficient sampling process. The solution provides real-time feedback from the production line to the QA laboratory.

Freeweight.Net allows users to: ensure their process is in control with the Statistical Process Control (SPC) module; integrate third-party measuring equipment with the Device Integration module; undertake visual quality checks with the Attributes and Test Plans Module; empower staff to take traceable corrective action for test failures with the Error and Intervention module; and track the performance of individual filling heads with the Multi-Head Analysis module.

With Freeweigh.Net users can create custom reports to meet data capture requirements. The intuitive touch-screen graphical user interface is said to make operation simple, reducing the risk of errors.

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