Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Metrohm IC Precisely Determines Anions And Cations

Metrohm's hardware and software for IC automatically dilute samples inline, ensuring determined sample peak areas are within calibration limits and high ionic-concentrations don't overload the column. This in turn ensures accurate anion and cation determination. To perform automated dilutions, the 850 Professional IC, the 858 Professional Sample Processor and the MagIC NET software are equipped with a magnetic stirrer and an 800 Dosino.

The latter aspirates a defined volume of undiluted sample and transfers it to the mixing vessel. This subsequently doses the dilution medium, generally ultra-pure water, into the mixing vessel. After intensive stirring, the peristaltic pump of the sample changer transfers to the injection valve of the IC. Alternatively, the sample can be injected directly.

After the quantitation of the sample's constituents, the software verifies if the peak areas lie within the calibration range. If this is the case, the next sample is analysed. If not, the software, after calculating the dilution factor, applies the appropriate dilution and re-analyses the sample. Whether the sample is diluted or directly injected, automated intelligent dilution ensures peak areas are within calibration limits.

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