Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Low-Pressure Gradient Professional IC Option
Metrohm's 850 Professional Anion MCS Low Pressure (LP) Gradient (2.850.2210) is suitable for new method development. The use of gradient chemistry (whereby the eluent strength is increased during the run) facilitates shorter retention times for late eluting peaks.

Metrohm believes that correct selection of the column and optimum mobile phase allows most separations in a routine environment to be solved isocratically. Any gradient separation also requires an additional equilibration step at the end of the separation, where the mobile phase is returned to its original (weaker) state. The 850 Professional IC Anion MCS LP Gradient can be operated with sequential, chemical or without suppression for complete flexibility.

The low-pressure gradient unit is suitable for method development as it can be used as an eluent selector for automatic switching between three different eluents so method development can be automatically performed overnight. The 850 Professional IC instruments feature Magic Net software for automatic recognition. It also provides complete system monitoring and ensures the control cards for calibration and samples are adhered to and documented in an FDA- and GLP-compliant form.

The software can easily produce reports. One-button IC allows novice operation. The 850 Professional IC?s Icolumns provide automatic recognition of the column. They will indicate optimal eluent, flow rate and the maximum pressure to safeguard the column. The Idetector provides digital signal processing with a 0 - 15000uS/cm single range. Metrohm claims the 850 Professional IC?s suppressor provides the lowest noise of any anion suppressor on the market, with full solvent compatibility and resistance to transition metals.

There is a ten year warranty on the suppressor and three years on the instrument hardware. Typical consumable costs for an automated instrument are GBP1000 a year.

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