Thursday, January 07, 2010

ETP Bushes Allow Shaft To Hub Connections

The ETP range of shaft locking bushes from Techdrives connects a hub (or gear, sprocket, pulley, pinion) to a shaft without keyways. For example, the ETP Express bushes are fixed by tightening a single radial scew and can be set or removed in seconds. ETP bushes can achieve accurate positioning of the hub, both radially and axially. However, the traditional ETP designs are constructed in standard grades of steel, which are prone to corrosion in aggressive environments.

Techdrives now offers the ETP Express in stainless steel - the ETP Express type R. This is available in a range of standard sizes from 15 to 60mm, as well as popular imperial sizes. The ETP Express type R has the same dimensions and torque ratings as the standard model and both produce a connection that is backlash free and very concentric with run-out values below 0.02mm.

Stainless-steel construction gives the ultimate in protection for food industry or outdoor applications. These bushes give a cosmetic match to surrounding stainless-steel parts and are easy to clean. ETP Express locking bushes provide a way to connect hubs to shafts, allowing fine adjustment and easy removal without sticking problems. The stainless-steel ETP Express type R extends use into areas with caustic washdown or continuous presence of water.

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