Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Autoscribe Releases Matrix LIMS Survey Results

Autoscribe is making the results of its 2009 annual user survey available to users of the Matrix LIMS software. The survey, which was conducted in the USA and the UK, included questions relating to the software quality, system documentation, system implementation, support response and accuracy, and training performance. In addition, the survey asked 'What do you like most about your Matrix system?'.

In the USA survey, 71 per cent of users voted for flexibility/system configuration and a further 13 per cent for ease of use. The full analysis is included in the report. The latest surveys, conducted in the USA by Zumatrix and directly by Autoscribe in the UK, were circulated to all users of Matrix LIMS.All the results received are included in the surveys, which include comparisons to 2006.

Autoscribe will provide these results to potential users of the Matrix software, as well as to existing users.Full copies of the surveys are available on request. Autoscribe also offers systems for sample tracking, instrument calibration and maintenance, stability testing, customer-complaints management, support management, training-records management and resource planning.

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