Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Zero-Backlash Joints Available On Rino's Website

Rino Mechanical is offering zero-backlash universal joints on its website. The website also features PDFs describing the single and double universal joints and telescoping universal joints that the company offers. Zero backlash universal joints can sustain 600in/lbs of torque, up to 10 degrees operational angle and 30 degrees operational angle per joint.

They are of operational quality and are made from stainless steel. Zero-backlash universal joints are available as a single universal joint, a double universal joint or as a telescopic universal joint. Rino Mechanical has been manufacturing and distributing such mechanical parts as shaft couplings, air motors, dowel pins, shoulder screws, brakes, spurs, gears, custom and standard gear boxes and many other precision parts. Rino Mechanical also creates custom mechanical parts based on customer specifications.

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