Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sherborne Unveils Ultra-Low Range Load Cells

Sherborne Sensors has announced the North American launch of the SS2/SS3 series of ultra-low range precision load cells, designed for applications where extremely low force measurements are required. The SS2/SS3 series offers full range measurement capabilities to 60g, with a 12mV/V full-scale output and virtually infinite resolution, enabling low forces to be resolved down to just a fraction of 1g. Bonded semiconductor strain gauge technology confers high sensitivity and eliminates the fragility associated with non-bonded strain gauge types.

The robust design of the SS2/SS3 series features immunity to the effects of eccentric loading, side loading and bending moments, with precision measurement capabilities in either tension or compression mode. Low deflection and high-frequency response characteristics of the SS2/SS3 series are suitable for measuring both peak and transient forces over an operating temperature range of -20 to +90C.

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