Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Safety Connector Disconnects If Cable Gets Tangled
Wilcoxon Research is expanding its line of Maxflex cables for portable data collectors with an optional safety connector that breaks away if the sensor or cable gets entangled at the monitoring point. When collecting vibration data, it is important to keep the operator safe from being dangerously pulled towards a machine, according to the company. Safety connector cables for data collection will protect the operator during a data collection route by disconnecting the sensor from the data collector when more than 10lb (4.5kg) of pull force is exerted.

Additional benefits of this safety feature include preventing damage to expensive portable data collector hardware and providing a quick disconnect between the sensor and the data collector. The safety connector disconnects when more than 10lb of pull force is exerted and can be reconnected after the sensor and cable are safely retrieved from the monitoring point.

The connector disconnects, or 'breaks away', and can be reconnected hundreds of times. The connector works in temperatures from -25C to 85C (-13F to 185F) and is IP67 rated, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments. The safety connector feature is being introduced with 12 models of Maxflex cables for portable vibration data collection, but can be ordered as an optional feature on all Maxflex models.

Wilcoxon makes Maxflex cables compatible with portable data collectors from SKF, Emerson (CSI) and Rockwell (Entek IRD), as well as many generic cable assemblies that are compatible with most vibration data collectors. Maxflex cables have reinforced cable joints at the sensor and connector end. The company claims that the cables offer excellent EMI/RFI shielding to serve the needs of field data acquisition.

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