Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Plantweb Runs Czech Supercritical Coal-Fired Unit

Emerson Process Management will apply its Plantweb digital plant architecture to a CEZ supercritical coal-fired unit being built at Ledvice power station in the Czech Republic. The new unit will reduce CO2 emissions by 20 per cent and is being built as a replacement for the older Ledvice units 2 and 3. When complete, it will be the largest coal-fired unit in the Czech Republic, with a generating capacity of 660MW. CEZ is one of Europe's top-ten power utilities, with a strong market position in the Czech Republic.

As part of a coal power-plant modernisation programme, CEZ is investing in Ledvice and other selected power plants located near the Czech lignite mines. As well as delivering high-efficiency electrical power, the new unit at Ledvice will use the latest technology for flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) and ash handling to meet new European environmental standards. Operation of the new plant is scheduled for December 2012.

CEZ named Emerson as the main automation contractor for the new unit's instrumentation and control systems. This role includes engineering design, instrument and equipment procurement, control-system supply, site installation, commissioning and start-up. Emerson's Power and Water Solutions industry centre will manage this turn-key instrumentation and control project.

The automation strategy for the Ledvice supercritical unit is based on Emerson's Plantweb digital plant architecture with the Ovation expert control system, Rosemount intelligent field devices, Fisher valves and AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager predictive maintenance software. Emerson's Ovation system will monitor and control the supercritical boiler and balance-of-plant processes. An Ovation Safety Instrumented System will be used for the boiler-protection system and burner-management system.

As part of the Plantweb architecture, the Ovation system will use HART communications to network Emerson's intelligent devices throughout the plant. The Ovation system will also communicate with the intelligent motor-control centres using Profibus DP and with other equipment and applications using Modbus, OPC and IEC 61850 links. Emerson's Ovation system enables operation at elevated steam and temperature levels, making electricity generation more efficient while also reducing fuel-related emissions.

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