Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Philips Lighting Supplies LED Lights For Offices

Philips Lighting has supplied solid state Savio remote phosphor LED light fittings and Light Master Modular lighting controls for the Tower 42 offices. Tower 42 has completed a major investment and refurbishment of its Level 12 office space. This is believed to be the first office space in the UK to use all solid state lighting, achieving a significant energy saving of around 40 per cent compared to a conventional T5 fluorescent installation.

Tower 42 has introduced energy performance features and reduced its carbon footprint through this extensive investment. 600x600mm Savio fittings, originally developed for use with fluorescent light sources, were adapted and optimised for use with 3 x 18W Fortimo LED light sources to create an edge-to-edge lighting appearance with a uniform and comfortable surface of light.

Savio luminaires feature a patented micro-lens optic to ensure optimum light distribution and full glare control, compliant with the highest standards for office lighting. The Fortimo light source uses a combination of high efficiency blue LEDs with a separate phosphor plate to generate a bright white light with an efficiency of 62 lm/W. The Savio fittings are complemented by 1 x 18W Luxspace mini LED downlights in circulation areas. The compact Luxspace fittings deliver a light output equivalent to 2 x 18W compact fluorescent lamps with a 50 per cent energy saving.

All of the lighting is controlled through a Philips Light Master Modular (LMM) lighting management system using DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) protocol so that all luminaires are individually addressable. Multi-sensors are used in the spaces to provide both dimming in relation to daylight levels and occupancy detection with corridor linking. Occupants will also have the ability to control their own lighting using infra-red remote control units.

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