Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Murata Power Inductors Support 8A-Rated Current

Murata has introduced the LQH88P_38 series of power inductors, supporting up to 8A-rated current. The inductors measure 8 x 8mm (3131-size) with a profile of 3.8mm (typical) and are designed for use in DC-DC converters for flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, recording devices, wireless base stations and other consumer-electronics applications.

The LQH88P_38 series is said to possess excellent DC bias current characteristics, saving space for customers by replacing larger-size or higher-profile inductors. The parts are magnetically shielded by ferrite resin to prevent interference with other devices and circuits. Low DC resistance (down to 0.006Ohm) and high-rated current parts are available. The LQH88P_38 series comes in inductance values between 1.0 and 100uH.

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