Tuesday, December 01, 2009

LDRA Tool Suite Ensures Safe Spacecraft Launch

The China Manned Spacecraft Programme (CMSP) has selected LDRA and its tool suite to analyse complex safety-critical applications related to the Tiangong 1 spacecraft. The LDRA tool suite will enable CMSP developers to achieve the safety-critical standards required to ensure the safe launch of the spacecraft. The CMSP is required to check programming standards to the Chinese Military Standard GJB5369-2005K, undertake and automate unit test, analyse code coverage up to DO-178B Level-A for Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) and verify object code for the critical systems in the Tiangong 1 spacecraft.

The LDRA tool suite is a commercially available product that meets all of these requirements for software testing and provides full lifecycle support. The LDRA Testbed, the process-management tool at the core of the LDRA tool suite, forms the foundation of automated software verification. LDRA Testbed exercises the code, performing quality and design reviews on the source code. It also conducts test verification for code coverage, including statement, branch/decision, MC/DC, test-path and procedure/function call metrics.

Tbrun, LDRA's automated unit testing tool, includes a graphical user interface that automates the production of test-data vectors, creating a test harness and stub generation automatically. Users can create test cases for structural coverage of high-level source code using the object-box mode. These test cases are then applied to the corresponding object code to satisfy DO-178B Level-A requirements. Tbrun pinpoints code defects efficiently and early on in the development lifecycle, reducing the defects found during formal testing.

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