Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ishida Multihead Weigher Doubles Packing Speeds

Buerger has more than doubled packing speeds at its Crailsheim site in southern Germany following the installation of a 16-head Ishida RS-Series multihead weigher. Capable of mix weighing up to four separate ingredients, the R-Series has also enabled the company to achieve product consistency through improved accuracy of mixing. The RS is Ishida's mid-range series with advanced combination calculation software.

It incorporates a self-adjusting vibration system, practically eliminating the need for manual intervention. An integrated load cell at the start of the distribution system monitors the weight of product at the dispersion table and adjusts the output of the feed system to ensure smooth and consistent operation. The weigher combines highly accurate measurements of each of three or four frozen ingredients, depending on the product, to give exactly the required mix and then discharges them into thermoformed trays with target weights of 250, 300 or 400g.

At 48 trays per minute, the speed is over two and a half times that of the manual weighing process. The change to automatic mix weighing means that one person can run this part of the operation and - using a graphic interface - achieve a higher degree of overall control. The Ishida RS multihead enables Buerger to meet the demand for its soups and it can also function as a single-ingredient weigher.

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