Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Freme Finishes Second At Carbon Trust Awards

Spirax Sarco's Flash Recovery Energy Management Equipment (Freme) engineered system has achieved second place in the Industry category at the 2009 Carbon Trust Innovation Awards. Freme can achieve energy savings of up to 26 per cent, significantly reducing carbon emissions for steam operators, and could help steam users achieve the Carbon Standard Award. Freme provides a closed steam system and transfers the heat from the flash steam and recovered condensate into the high-pressure side of the boiler feed pumps.

Temperatures in the feedtank can therefore exceed 100C without causing pump cavitation, ensuring that most returned energy is used by the system. Heat and water previously discarded can now be recycled, reducing energy and water-treatment costs and CO2 emissions. Freme works by separating the flash steam from the condensate. The separate flash steam and condensate each travel through a dedicated plate-heat exchanger to heat the pressurised feed water before it enters the boiler.

The two returning streams are then recombined. Recovering condensate from industrial steam systems is a well-established energy-saving practice. Energy from condensate is used to pre-heat boiler-feed water, which raises boiler efficiency and lowers emissions. Each 6C rise in feed-water temperature typically knocks one per cent off a boiler's energy consumption.

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