Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bulte Adds Five Wing-Screw Models To Portfolio

Bulte has brought out a screw range that includes five new models of wing screws, offering more than 160 possibilities. They are suitable for all sectors of industry (for example furniture, electronics and engineering) and are ideal for manual assembly. The standard material is natural polyamide (nylon) which is resistant to various chemical products, has excellent mechanical properties - including wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high melting point and good impact resistance - and is light weight.

Another advantage includes finger tightening (no tools required). The working temperature range is -30 to +100C. These screws can also be manufactured in other materials, such as PP, PE, PVDF and POM (these materials are recommended for their good food and medical qualities) or PA glass-filled (high tensile strength and rigidity - it replaces aluminium and zinc in tapped parts). The wing screws are available in sizes M5, M6, M8 and M10. Lengths vary from 6 to 80mm. The standard colour is natural but parts can be supplied in a range of colours to suit individual requirements.

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