Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bosch Security Unveils Its LED Flat Panel Monitors

Bosch Security Systems launches its LED flat panel high resolution monitors for use with analog video, digital video recorder (DVR) and PC applications. The new range is being introduced alongside a similar range of normal LCD flat panel monitors and will replace the company's current CRT monitor range in the CCTV market. The monitors are available in 8.4 inch and 10.4 inch versions and feature colour LED backlight panels.

They offer a maximum brightness of between 400 and 450 cd/m2, high colour accuracy and consistency for easy viewing and interpretation of images, and a maximum contrast ratio between 600:1 and 700:1. The panels refresh every 10 to 20 milliseconds, providing crisp, clear images with minimal smearing and image ghosting in fast motion video. They also feature a wide range of horizontal and vertical viewing angles that provide comfortable, clear viewing. LED backlight panels help to avoid luminance degradation, enabling the monitors to maintain their brightness level over time.

The consistent brightness contributes to the sharp display image, with longer lamp life than normal LCD monitor backlights, which means they can be used for longer without eyestrain or excessive fatigue. LED monitors weigh less, are thinner and use 15 to 50 per cent less power than an LCD monitor of comparable size. The monitors accommodate a wide range of signal sources with two composite BNC inputs and loop through outputs, Y/C (S-video) and loop through video and audio inputs, and an analog VGA input for DVR or PC applications.

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