Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BFi OPTiLAS Offers Avigilon High Resolution Lens

BFi OPTiLAS has extended its Avigilon lossless mega pixel camera range with a high resolution mega pixel aspherical IR corrected lens. The compact mega pixel rated lens boasts a resolution of more than three mega pixel as well as low distortion, flat optics for sharp focus across the whole image and great contrast.

The lens is suitable for any 1/4inch and 1/2inch mega pixel camera with auto iris control. Its low light capabilities and IR correction mean it is a versatile lens suitable for all security applications.

Focal lengths are available in 4.5-10mm and 10-40mm, each with nine piece multi-coated glass optics and compact design for bodied cameras and most dome housings. BFI OPTiLAS maintains high standards in product selection and this lens is sure to impress all with its aluminium body, anodized finish and stainless steel camera mount.

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