Wednesday, November 11, 2009

S Series Shaft Motor Has Combined Linear Encoders

The S series shaft motors from Micromech has combined linear encoders, encoder guides and mechanical systems. Shaft motors are direct-drive linear servomotors that consist of a shaft with laminated magnets and cylindrically wound coils controlled by the flow of current. They are a simple construction that use magnetic circuits consisting of permanent magnets and coils.

Characteristics of the motors include precision positioning, high and low constant speed performance. The standard versions of most motors including linear motors is that the circuits are made of magnetic iron, while shaft motors are not. This means that there is no adsorption force between the shaft and forcer (coil), thereby totally eliminating cogging. Shaft motors are capable of high thrust, for example 2340N with a single forcer and 9360N using four forcers (parallel plus tandem drive).

The 'S' series is very quiet due to the absence of friction and the only mechanical contact section is the linear guide. This can be improved further using an air slider where full non-contact operation is possible.

The coreless construction reduces overall weight and the simplified unit construction allows a stroke of up to 3.8m with high resolution of 0.14m, which is suitable for precision positioning. There is a high-speed drive delivering 6.5m/s and low-speed drive down to 8um/sec with virtually no speed fluctuations (+/-0.006 per cent at 100m/s). The shaft motors are a rugged and durable construction, capable of operating in a vacuum but compact and lightweight compared with other linear motors. For volume applications they can be designed as optimum actuator modules that maximise their features to meet customers' particular requirements.

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