Monday, November 16, 2009

Harwin Maxi Clip Handles 0.7-1mm Wall Thicknesses

Harwin has broadened its range of surface-mount EMI/RFI shield clips with the launch of the Maxi clip, which handles protective cans with wall thicknesses of between 0.7 and 1mm. The use of clips reduces assembly time and simplifies rework.

Rather than hand-soldering shielding cans to a PCB as a secondary operation, cans are pressed into clips that have been placed during the main automated surface-mount assembly processing. This saves time, reduces errors and scrap, and enables sensitive components to be inspected and, if necessary, lifted and replaced more easily.

Supplied in Tape and Reel packaging, Harwin's EMI/RFI clips are targeted at telecoms, datacoms, data processing and in-car entertainment systems. They are proven to help protect sensitive ICs used in applications such as the Bowman Military radio project and automotive Satnav and DVD players.

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