Monday, October 12, 2009

Terminal Block Features Internal Jumper System

Wago Corporation's 805 Series side-entry PCBs are designed to simplify wiring via push-in and push-button-actuated terminations. Available in standard 2-pole to 24-pole configurations, the 805 Series PCB blocks feature 3.5mm pin spacing for conductors AWG 24-16 and are UL/CUL certified at 300V/10A.

The 805 Series also offers an internal factory-installed jumper system for commoning, conserving conductor capacity in high-density applications. The 805 Series PCB blocks reduce wiring times via push-in terminations for solid conductors or stranded conductors with ferrules.

Terminating stranded conductors is also simple: depress the on-unit pushbutton with a screwdriver to open the clamping unit, insert conductor and release. Conductor entries are 0deg (parallel to PCB), and an optional test port provides hands-free troubleshooting with direct contact to current bar for accurate readings. Ultra-compact spring pressure connection technology ensures terminations are vibration proof, temperature cycling resistant and maintenance free.

Suitable for a wide range of PCB applications including LED drivers, ballasts and building automation/control systems, all 805 Series PCBs feature staggered one solder pin/pole alignment for greater on-board stability and a maximised voltage rating. A THR version accommodates pin-in-paste/reflow processing.

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