Monday, October 12, 2009

Taegutec Introduces Turning Chip Breaker Insert

Taegutec has introduced the FC double-sided turning chip breaker insert that is said to be ideal for light to finishing turning applications. The FC chip breaker provides good chip control at low feed rates and small depths of cut making suitable for finish-machining operations. The FC chip breaker has a 3D serration on the cutting edge to reduce the cutting forces and extend tool life.

The specially designed chip breaker geometry will offer effective chip breaking in both turning and facing operations on carbon and alloy steel. The range is available in CNMG, WNMG, DNMG, TNMG and VNMG inserts with a capability of operating at feed rates from 0.05-0.4mm/rev at 0.2-2.5mm depth of cut. The FC chip breaker is suitable for carbon steel and alloy steel with good performance on mild steel, low-carbon steel and low-carbon alloy steel.

To further expand its turning line and in accordance with increasing market demands, Taegutec has expanded the PC chip-breaker range to incorporate additional grades for automotive applications. Providing a wider range of double-sided inserts for turning applications, the PC chip breaker design is suitable for light to medium turning applications and generates low cutting forces to increase tool life.

The PC chip breaker has the most suitable performance range for the machining of automotive components and when combined with the TT8115 and TT8125 grades, it delivers superior performance for machining on all kinds of steels including as mild steel, low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high-carbon steel and bearing steel. The inserts have a positive geometry on the cutting edge that minimises cutting forces and improves tool life.

Suited to semi-finishing to medium-turning applications on forged steels, the enhanced PC range has been designed with a small and a large semi-spherical protrusion that enhances chip control not only at low feed rates and small depths of cut but also at high feed rates and large depths of cut. This 3D cutting-edge geometry combines sharpness and durability to meet all automotive turning needs.

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