Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quantum Releases Upgrade For Pulse Generator

Quantum Composers offers a firmware upgrade option for the legacy Stanford Research Systems DG535 pulse generator, allowing the user to use existing programming language as Command Set Compatibility. This will aid in transitioning programming software from the DG535 to the more fully featured and higher throughput QC9520.

The majority of these commands perform identically to the SRS equivalent instrument functions, and several capabilities actually extend the functionality and/or the limits of the SRS equivalent capabilities. The 9520 Series provides solutions to generate and synchronise multiple pulses and triggers for a variety of applications.

For automated test sequencing, all common computer interfaces, such as RS232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet, are available. The 9520 Series provides up to eight fully independent, digitally controlled channels with width, delay, and rate and amplitude control on each output.

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