Monday, October 12, 2009

Lumasmart Temperature Monitor Is Smart-Grid Ready

Lumasense Technologies has announced the release of the Luxtron Lumasmart winding hot-spot temperature monitor. Transformer winding hot-spot temperature is a critical parameter required to manage the loading, life and reliability of transformers. Common devices, such as winding temperature indicators (WTIs) or electronic temperature monitor's (ETMs), try to simulate or calculate this temperature.

The only true measurement of this parameter is attained using fibre-optic sensors fitted directly into the transformer's windings. The Lumasmart builds on the ruggedness, reliability and stability of its predecessors, such as the WTS-22 and Thermasset2. The Lumasmart is a smart-grid ready winding temperature hot-spot monitor.

For the operator, the touch-screen display on the Lumasmart offers easy-to-use trending tools, graphics and alarm configurability to customise the Lumasmart product to exactly fit their needs.

In addition, enlarged on-board data storage allows 1GB of historical data for analysis by the user. The Lumasmart allows a range of connectivity options, including RS232, RS485, TCP/IP and USB along with numerous protocols, to simplify integration with any Scada or DCS package in substations.

The Lumasmart is expandable to configurations allowing up to 16 measurement points and 16 programmable relays. 'Using Luxtron's Fluoroptic Technology, Lumasmart offers a flexible platform to perform direct, real-time winding hot-spot measurements,' said Brett Sargent, global vice-president of sales for Lumasense Technologies.

'The winding hot spot directly relates to transformer life, loading capacity of a transformer and predictive maintenance practices for the transformer. 'Beyond offering improved accuracy, the Lumasmart's communication and configuration features allow users to integrate this critical information into their automated data and control systems,' he added.

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