Monday, October 12, 2009

Exhibition Includes Hinges, Handles And Gaskets

Custom-made hardware components, including hinges, handles and gaskets, will feature at the Fastening and Assembly Solutions Exhibition on 29 October at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham. The fast-paced development and continued introduction of new hardware continues to meet the needs of manufacturers and installers of cabinets, enclosures, equipment housing, road and rail vehicles, guarding, street furniture, packaging machinery, storage equipment, process and production lines, HVAC, display equipment, and so on.

Exhibitors include FA Parkes with its ranges of locks, handles, hinges, gas springs, gasketing, accessories and rod sets. The products are supported by a customising and kitting service. Dirak will highlight some of its Snap-Line products that allow for assembly without tools.

Snap-Line elements such as hinges, handles, locks and latches can snap-in to a housing panel or door to provide a secure and vibration-proof installation. Hall-Fast will be exhibiting a wide range of hardware including tube inserts, knobs, handles and handwheels, as well as adjustable feet and bearing slides.

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