Friday, September 18, 2009

C And L Supplies Boge Compressors To NCLA

The National Centre For Laser Applications (NCLA) has installed two Boge S15 screw compressors and a trinity controller. The NCLA develops laser systems which are available to the manufacturing industry and used in the development of products and processes. After reviewing NCLA's air requirements, C and L Industrial recommended the company replaced its Boge CD7 with two Boge S15 screw compressors, alongside a trinity controller.

The S15 forms part of the Boge S-series screw-compressor product range. The Boge trinity is a modern transducer operated changeover switch designed to control up to three compressors. The system automatically sets itself to optimise pressure cascading - only the maximum pressure (Pmax) and the minimum pressure (Pmin) need to be entered into the controller.

Trinity takes control of a compressed-air system and ensures that only the compressed air required at any one time is produced. This reduces operating costs as each compressor used is optimised in the most energy efficient way (kW/m3/min). C and L Industrial is the exclusive distributor of Boge compressed-air equipment within the Republic of Ireland.

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