Wednesday, August 05, 2009

IDC Introduces Wireless Call Button

IDC has added the wireless-based ZB112 call button to its Zigbee range of interactive paging and call systems products, for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and disabled facilities. The ZB112 is programmable and battery powered, removing the requirement for external power supplies or control cables. The device has extremely low power consumption, enabling it to operate for years without the need to replace batteries in most applications. The ZB112 is designed for use in hospital wards, toilets, bathrooms and rest facilities - anywhere where there is a requirement for patients to call for assistance quickly.

It can be sited at any convenient location, as it requires no external cabling. The device integrates a single large button - with the facility for customisation by the addition of further buttons, if required. The button has a tactile feel for ease of operation and offers back lighting when depressed. The ZB112 is programmable and connects to other Zigbee wireless devices such as the ZB110 nurse call button, for mobile alerts; or to a central server, using a ZB104/3 Gateway and IDC software, for complete, system-wide healthcare facility applications.

The ZB112 is one of a wide range of Zigbee wireless mesh products developed by IDC for medical applications. Providing true system-on-a-chip solutions, with the benefits of built-in positional engines, small size and extremely low power consumption, these Zigbee products provide a cableless network for interactive paging, tracking of patients and assets, bar coding of assets, nurse station call and alarm systems, security tagging, temperature monitoring of critical healthcare assets, and emergency roll calls.

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