Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Perkinelmer Expands Digipyro Family Of Detectors

Perkinelmer has added two dual-element models to the Digipyro family of pyroelectric detectors, designed for safety and security applications. The latest members of the family are called the Smart Digipyro PYD 1096 and the Miniature Digipyro PYD 5731.

The Smart Digipyro PYD 1096 dual-element pyrodetector provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with advantages over traditional analogue-based motion detection, including improved EMI immunity and reduced cost and space requirements. In addition, the Smart Digipyro delivers a number of benefits, including fully integrated event logic timing, adjustable sensitivity settings and ambient light sensing.

The Smart Digipyro offers signal processing functionalities to streamline the integration required for OEMs. It is offered in a standard six-pin TO-5 housing. The 'mini' Digipyro PYD 5731 is a miniaturised version of the PYD 1988 digital pyrodetector.

It is a dual-element configuration with a three-pin TO-46 housing for a smaller size. The 'mini' is designed for motion-sensing applications that are space constrained and/or lens-size constrained.

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