Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NMB-Minebea Benefits From Aqua-Save 30 System

A wastewater treatment system from Aqua-Save Technologies, part of Mecwash Systems, is helping a UK manufacturer of aerospace bearings enhance its environmental performance and save processing costs. The use of an Aqua-Save 30 at NMB-Minebea UK's Lincoln factory has helped to address a waste product disposal requirement that results from a key part of its manufacturing processes.

Stuart Haysman, health, safety and environmental officer at the site, said: 'We undertake a wide range of processing operations including machining, plating, grinding and anodising and, in many cases, products pass through a "rumbling" phase - a vibratory process that enhances the surface finish of each product. 'This requires significant amounts of water that, inevitably, become contaminated with oil, metal "fines", detergent and media dust, which, in turn, calls for a suitable disposal process.

'Conventionally, this has seen large volumes removed from site by independent contractors, but this has been dramatically reduced since installing the Aqua-Save,' he added. The Aqua-Save 30 system, which benefits from an integrated pre-heat stage to aid the separation of emulsified oils prior to processing in the main vessel, is housed in its own outbuilding, adjacent to a collection tank that receives water from the manufacturing process at a rate of around 20m3 per month.

The cleaned water, which represents around 95 per cent of the original volume, is of a sufficient quality for the local water authority to permit safe disposal to drain, although NMB-Minebea is also now looking at reuse possibilities. The remaining concentrated waste is automatically pumped into an IBC for removal. Paul Jarratt, who heads up the Aqua-Save Technologies division of component cleaning specialist Mecwash Systems, said: 'Before the installation, the wastewater that was removed from the site entailed a cost of some GBP850 every four weeks.

'It is now anticipated that no more than one IBC per year will need to be removed from the premises, which clearly adds up to a significant saving and thus a minimised installation payback period,' he added. Formerly known as Rose Bearings, NMB-Minebea has clients in the international aerospace market and handles a range of material, including steel, brass and aluminium. Haysman said: 'We are accredited to ISO 14001 so environmental performance is clearly a critical part of our operation.'.

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