Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mazet Introduces Multi-Range Spectral Sensors

Mazet has unveiled its multi-range spectral sensors that it uses as a basis for developing and supplying application-specific sensor modules for its customers. The sensors can be adapted to applications with regard to the number of spectral channels and the spectral transmission characteristics of each channel. The first sensor introduced in this design has six spectral channels, whose filters, which range from 400nm to 700nm, overlap one another and are uniformly distributed over the range.

These modules are distinguished by their small size, their parallel signal processing of all spectral channels, their high operating temperature range, their long-term stability and their high degree of resistance to environmental effects. In cooperation with Jenoptik, customised optoelectronic modules are offered in a compact design.

These modules include all of the system components, from the optics to the electronic signal processing. These sensor modules are predominantly used in areas where spectrometers are unable to cope when it comes to size, price or signal processing speed. These can be micro-fluid sensors, handheld devices for qualitative analysis or basic process sensors.

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