Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John Neale Creates Water-Based Rust Inhibitor

John Neale has developed Rust Preventive FC-X: a water-based rust inhibitor that has given a 1,000-hour salt-spray performance in independent tests. High-performance long-term outdoor corrosion inhibitors have typically been based on oxidised waxes with other additives in solvents. The solvents used are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the emissions of which need to be reduced.

The solvents are also often flammable or of low flash point, have exposure limits and can cause skin de-fatting. These products can, however, offer high-performance de-watering and long-term corrosion inhibition. According to the company, there is now a desire for rust preventives to give new performance characteristics. These include: a dry film, which means that dust and dirt will not adhere to it; non-VOC; and renewable or renewable-based.

Rust Preventive FC-X is said to achieve all these requirements. It is a renewable-based inhibitor with negligible VOC content (no added VOC) and a dry film. It dries rapidly and features very high salt-spray corrosion protection. It has protected 'Q' Panel test panels in outdoor tests for 12 months without corrosion. Rust Preventive FC-X has excellent wetting and gives effective de-watering performance, according to John Neale. This product is suitable for companies looking for an alternative to solvent-based long-term corrosion inhibitors.

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