Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goepel Develops Juliett Family Of JTAG Testers

Goepel Electronic has announced the development of Juliett (JTAG unlimited tester): a family of completely integrated standalone production testers. The modular systems combine all test electronics and the basic mechanics in a compact desktop system. Additionally, they are equipped with a specific interface to an exchangeable adaptor, giving fast changes to accommodate different units under test (UUTs). Thomas Wenzel, director of the boundary scan division at Goepel Electronic, said: 'The increased use of extended boundary scan techniques has led to the need for a completely integrated production system.

'Due to the use of the preset Juliett tester, time-consuming integrations for cost-intensive special solutions can be saved and the handling becomes all in all more effective. 'At the same time, with this system, we become the first vendor to provide off-the-shelf products for turnkey solutions,' he added. Designed as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, the desktop systems are available in Juliett-Base or Juliett-Standard versions, with differences in the number of available input/output (I/O) channels (120/240) and TAPs (two/four), as well as in the scan performance (16MHz/50MHz).

All Juliett systems provide four independently programmable UUT voltages, including current measurement for two and four registers for covering gang applications and an effective adaptation area of 310mm x 210mm. An integrated exchangeable-adaptor appliance with type recognition allows standard UUT adaptations over needle contacts or real connectors with simultaneous access to all interface signals, even in the active state. Due to this, the selective monitoring of critical signals is facilitated and the debugging becomes more effective. Based on this, a broad use of the systems in various markets and applications is possible.

In principle, all Juliett systems allow the execution of boundary scan tests, the in-system programming (ISP) of Flash and PLD, functional emulation tests, MCU programming and interface tests, with the active process being visualised on an integrated display. The control of the complete process is carried out by an external USB or local-area-network (LAN)-connected PC or laptop, using more control elements integrated in the system. The software consists of standard versions of the System Cascont JTAG/boundary scan program package; as a result, laboratory test programs can be continuously used.

Regarding the hardware, Juliett-Standard offers the performance and upgradeability of the ScanflexR architecture, while Juliett-Base is based on the low-cost ScanboosterT architecture. Both Juliett versions are available in runtime station (RTS), failure diagnostics station (FDS) and repair/debug station (RDS) configurations. The latter provides all ScanassistT debug tools, as well as ScanvisionT for the graphical visualisation of detected faults. The Juliett systems are available worldwide as a standard product. Adaptations can be carried out by Goepel Electronic, by authorised test houses or by the customer on the basis of draft adaptors. Delivery of the Juliett systems will start in June 2009.

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