Friday, June 12, 2009

DSK Orders Pullmax 720 Punching System

DSK Engineering has placed an order with Pullmax, valued at more than GBP300,000, for a 720 punching system. This comes after a long-term customer told Dave Jordan, managing director of Pontefract-based subcontractor DSK Engineering, that it had plans to put a growth plan in place by the end of June 2009, if not sooner. Jordan decided to make some decisions regarding investment in capital equipment so that DSK could continue providing this customer with good-quality products and services.

DSK is an existing user of laser technology, but it was apparent that the next investment would need to complement laser cutting in order to deal with the range of specifications and materials outlined by its customer. Jordan decided that modern CNC punching technology would provide DSK with the additional dimension required. He contacted Coventry-based Pullmax in March 2009 and, following an initial assessment of the company's requirements, a visit was set up with a local user who has, for a number of years, invested in Pullmax punching technology, most recently in a Pullmax 720.

Research showed that it was possible, with Pullmax, to maximise any investment and extend a machine's capability with a range of add-on features that could be retrofitted to allow a higher level of production, which DSK believed would be required in the future. This included the possibility to add tower stores, load and/or unload automation and extend tooling magazines and part picking options, all of which can be purchased at a later date if workloads increase further. At the time of the visit, the 720 system had worked without any operator intervention for 67 hours non-stop.

For Jordan and his team, meeting the customer's deadline was the most important issue and being able to view a similar application of a Pullmax user illustrated that the Pullmax 720 would be the most productive and flexible punching solution. As a result, an order for a similar system was placed at the end of April. DSK decided that, initially, a standalone machine would allow the company to produce prototypes quickly and still leave the option of automation open for the future. The machine was delivered at the end of May. In order to ensure optimum material utilisation and the rapid programming of parts for the increased workload, a flexible programming system supplied by Radan was also ordered by DSK. The package includes Radpunch, Radan 3D and Equote.

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