Friday, June 05, 2009

Convair Portable Evaporative Air Coolers

Keep your workplace cool this summer with Convair portable evaporative air coolers from Scott Brothers. With temperatures predicted to reach a high 30degC during August 2009, heralded by 28degC in late May, now is the time to invest in portable coolers to keep working environments pleasant. An ideal solution is a portable bioclimatic evaporative air cooler such as the Convair Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, Australia's leading air cooling product, which is distributed in the UK exclusively by Scott Brothers .

Unique and indispensable, the Scott range of evaporative air coolers is available for delivery now, keeping workplace temperatures cool and comfortable and is suitable for most commercial and domestic environments, including shops, offices, dental and medical practices and even florists. Evaporative air coolers are the low cost, low energy, environmentally friendly alternative to refrigerative fixed air conditioning.

Featuring modern designs, the Scott range of evaporative air coolers are particularly suited to cool environments such as surgeries and dental practices, where appearance as well as performance, is important. With all Scott coolers no installation is required and all are extremely quiet which is crucial for work environments - operating in a range between 50dB and 71dB. Evaporative air coolers are extremely simple to use, cooling the air by an evaporation process, which reduces the temperature of the room, whilst simultaneously delivering a constant flow of fresh, healthy natural air.

They also filter dust and dirt and do not dry the air. All portable evaporative air coolers from Scott work on the principle of natural air cooling using a low energy fan and the evaporation of standard tap water to reduce the ambient room temperature by up to 30degC. Convair bioclimatic coolers provide an excellent solution for keeping your workplace cool over the summer. Convair coolers provide a high cooling effect whilst utilising little energy (less energy than a 100W light bulb), operating with windows and doors open and providing steady cooling in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Using the same principles as nature to cool, the portable Convair appliances allow you to enjoy naturally cooled fresh air and gentle 'sea breezes' wherever you want them. Evaporative cooling works by constantly drawing fresh air through a partially open door or window and cooling it naturally by passing it through water soaked filer pads providing cooled air that is refreshingly natural. Scott's comprehensive range of air coolers includes the successful Magicool, Mastercool, Commander and Breezair units, which enable areas from 20m2 to 120m2 to be cooled effectively, using portable equipment under the Seeley Convair and Breezair badges, and now also including new SCOTTair models.

All models in the Scott range utilize a cooling method which is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, cooling the air and creating a healthy microclimate. Convair portable evaporative air coolers are distributed in the UK exclusively by Scott Brothers and are guaranteed for 2 years. For details of your nearest stockist please contact Scott Brothers.

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