Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cedrat And Motor-Design Launch Motor-CAD v5.1

Cedrat and Motor-Design have released a Motor-CAD software package for the thermal analysis of motors and the optimisation of motor cooling. Motor-CAD v5.1 enables motor designers to optimise their designs for energy efficiency, size and cost reduction. The software is intended to provide the link between the electromagnetic design and thermal analysis of motors.

Non-heat-transfer specialists are able to evaluate different cooling options during the design process. According to Cedrat, Motor-CAD has a user-friendly interface that allows the inputting of geometry, winding data, losses, materials and cooling details. The thermal parameters, such as convection and radiation coefficients, are automatically calculated. The software supports a range of motor types and a number of cooling options are available.

It provides the ability to perform the steady-state and transient thermal analysis of electric motors. Motor-CAD v5.1 includes a number of features that will be of interest to new and existing users, according to Cedrat. New geometries include: BPM interior magnet rotors (IPM); slotless winding geometry; a housed BPM outer rotor; and BPM outer rotor axle mounting.

Sensitivity analysis features multi-parametric and linked solving with improved graphing capabilities. A fluid database allows fluid property variation with temperature to be modelled. A reduced node transient model creates a simplified thermal network for faster transient calculation and for use in thermal overload protection.

Improved links to Speed software allow for the automatic calibration of the Speed thermal models. An internal scripting interface enables the visual basic scripting of Motor-CAD and any other ActiveX-compatible tools.

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