Friday, June 12, 2009

Active Andon System Reduces Downtime

Gemba has launched the Active Andon system, providing a fully flexible and user-configurable LCD display, real-time alerts via text/email, and a historical reporting function. A user-programmable LCD display shows whatever data is required, and can be changed at any time. Off-the-shelf delivery of LCD displays of all sizes means no long waits for equipment to arrive.

If there is a problem, messages and alerts are displayed on the Andon board, and it is automatically escalated to senior staff via email or text. Alerts based on any aspect of the production process are automatically triggered. A closed-loop process ensures problems are resolved quickly and effectively, so that downtime and maintenance stoppages are minimised.

All data is available for review and analysis on a PC. The wireless system allows the user to put button boxes in any location; supervisors can move around the shop floor and take a button box with them. Minimal cabling means minimal cost to install.

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