Friday, June 12, 2009

ABB Updates Six-Step Energy Saving Plan

ABB has launched the latest version of its six-step energy saving plan. It provides customers with information on the best ways to save money, by applying variable- speed drives and low-voltage motors to their fan and pump applications. The six-step energy saving plan is captured in a free 20-page guide, available to download. Using the guide, customers can assess up-to-date information on climate change and how it could affect their business.

The guide also provides information on how to save money in setting up and running drive and motor applications, with tips on managing installations and when best to replace old technology with modern drives and motors. Schemes to help those willing to invest are also highlighted in the guide. The government's Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) scheme, and interest-free loans from the Carbon Trust help reduce the initial cost of implementing energy saving measures.

ABB's six-step plan provides information on what they are, qualifying requirements and information on the savings that are available. The updated guide provides numerous examples of companies that have benefited from implementing energy saving drives and motors in their production or process. A number of web links point to further information and advice useful to those looking to implement energy savings measures.

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