Thursday, May 14, 2009

Transmagic STL PRO Converts 3D CAD Into STL Files

Transmagic has brought out Transmagic STL PRO, a product for the rapid prototyping (RP) and direct manufacturing (DM) markets. This software lets anyone view, repair and convert 3D CAD models into STL files for a variety of uses, including additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, FEA and other applications that require STL files. With the growing use of 3D printers and new methods of direct manufacturing, the use of STL files is becoming pervasive.

With this new application, anyone can convert 3D CAD files into high-quality STL files without having to be a CAD expert. Transmagic STL PRO opens and views all major 3D CAD formats without needing any additional CAD software. The product gives customers single-click 'best practice' options to quickly repair geometry. This ensures the STL models have the quality needed for applications that require water-tight geometry.

The new product offers options to control surface deviation and maximum chord length, putting the user in control of the STL file parameters. Ken Feitz, marketing manager of Transmagic, said: 'Many people are not familiar with the best practices for creating STL files and may not have the native CAD software available to optimise the model before converting to STL. 'With Transmagic STL PRO, manufacturers can use the original CAD file to create an STL model with the exact parameters required for the job, any time they need it.

'Having tight control over the CAD to STL conversion process will produce accurate parts and reduce wasted time and materials.' Transmagic STL PRO is fast and easy-to-use. It reduces the costs of translating and repairing design data to STL. Visit Transmagic's website for more information.

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