Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steelmaster Crane Systems Selected By Parkersteel

Demag Cranes And Components has supplied three Steelmaster crane systems to Parkersteel as part of the development of a new 14-acre steel processing and distribution facility. The dockside location of the new facility was chosen to allow imported steel to be offloaded, by dockside crane, directly into the stockyard and co-located processing plant, eliminating the costly transport from port to factory.

The dockside crane places the steel beams immediately under the Demag cranes, for further lifting and movement to the appropriate storage area within the stockyard. The steel beams are then loaded onto conveyor systems, which take them into the factory for processing and next-day delivery to customers or Parkersteel's other stock-holding sites. To meet the specific materials handling needs of Parkersteel's application, Demag supplied three double girder Steelmaster cranes, all of which have a span of 36m and are rated at 8 + 8 tonnes SWL.

All three cranes have two Steelmaster crab units, each equipped with an independently controlled 4 tonne SWL magnet. The magnets were specified to eliminate the time-consuming operation of 'slinging' loads and to improve safety by excluding operators from the loading process. The cranes have long travel speeds of 4-125m/min, cross-travel speeds of 5/32m/min and hoisting speeds of 2-12.5m/min under load.

Drive motors feature AC inverters for infinite control of movement and precise positioning accuracy in all motions. Operation of the cranes and the magnets is via joystick radio remote control. In designing and engineering the crane systems, Demag took into account the harsh and potentially corrosive environment of the seaside location. To maximise operational time and promote safe handling, anti-pendulation reeving systems have been incorporated to eliminate 'load sway', even in the severe winds associated with the coastal location.

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